Together Forever

June 21, 2009
By Anonymous

You take my hand as we cross the street
At the busy cross walk
We’re in search of something romantic to eat
So we head over to the boardwalk

You buy us each a hotdog
And a cotton candy
We can’t see the ocean through the fog
But the beach is just as sandy

The games are crowded and cheap
And rides are high and old
A kid walks by with a stuffed sheep
She was holding it like it were gold

We make our way to the end
There are many couples here
It looks like we’re following a trend
We move to where none are near

You bend down and give me a kiss
Your hands on my back
You mumble that it was me who you miss
And no one else is worth a crack

We move together
Our bodies are one
Aside from the weather
You have me won

I will be yours again
It’s where I’m meant to be
Not like way back when
The time you ran from me

Together forever
As we shall stay
I’ve been this happy before never
I always want it this way

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