when the night comes MAG

By Hilary B., Barrington, RI

when i think
you may be closer
than you were
the day before
that is when the sun rises.
When you say hi
and everything is fine
and the sun
has not abated
but has grown more intense
that is when my noon is.
When you don't
say anything
and I don't know
how to speak
my words are
jumbled spanglish
that is when the
dusk sets in.
When the melancholy
yellow school bus
carries me farther away
and I know I won't
be happy till dawn
that is where twilight
takes place.
When I wallow
in icy moonbeams
burning with lust
for light
that is my midnight.
This is my day.
When the dawn comes
that is when it starts again.

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i love this so much!


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