Years of Change

June 20, 2009
By Nick Gehringer BRONZE, Glenwood, Maryland
Nick Gehringer BRONZE, Glenwood, Maryland
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Freshman year,
A long, fun year
Of not knowing what was coming around the corner,
It was a new scene, from being taught at a smaller school
To being taught in a growing school.

Sophomore year,
The year of the HSAs,
The year of studying,
Preparing for three crucial tests,
Biology, History, and English,
The year of struggle and no forgiveness.

Junior year,
One of the easier years,
Trying to find the school of your dreams
Your major, your dream.
And then the SATs,
Full of studying and preparing
For the three toughest hours of your high school career.

Senior year,
The year we’ve all been waiting for,
Our last pep rally, last homecoming, our last prom.
The anticipation is high,
High for the last couple of days,
Until we walk, walk across that stage.

Graduation is coming,
And we are waiting, and waiting
Till our time has come,
Our time has come to walk across that stage,
Our parents proud of what we have accomplished
In the last four years.

And now it is time,
Time for our lives to change forever,
And once we cross that stage our parents can finally say,
We Are Proud of You.

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