June 20, 2009
By elizabeth mireles BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
elizabeth mireles BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Life isn't perfect as I sit here behind these bars it makes me wonder what if I didnt drink those shots those beers, would he be alive. He was my sun that brought in the light thrue those thick gray clouds. I didn't mean to crash into that tree. As he slowly sliped away while I was in slumber. I know when I awake he's not going to ever wake up. I was the dumb person who got wasted while he tried to take those keys away I refuse and I drove. I took his life away while he gave me his love. Until now I realized that I loved him that his I love yous where ment for me. As I sit here behind these bars and hold this blade towards my wrist that cold shiny blade that is so deadly. I could feel the blood runing down. Now all I could hear is his voice calling me towards him my legs start slowing down, I feel so weak as he disapears within sight. I feel dazzed and confused as I awake with these bandaged up wrist. I remonism everything that has happened in these past weeks. With a tear runing down my cheek I wisper I LOVE YOU.

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