After all, that's what angels do...

June 20, 2009
By mered PLATINUM, Canton, Georgia
mered PLATINUM, Canton, Georgia
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I woke up smiling.
A light shone from my eyes and I knew my soul was shining in itself.
Time can pass by me forever but I can live in a single moment for eternity.
Belief in a happy ending is crucial.
If I can’t say love, I shout friendship.
I stand for what’s right, even if self doubt weighs on my mind.
Focus on living each moment like it was the first time.
I remember each second.
Hold it close to your heart.
Brighten up the sky when the stars lose their shadows.
Be a friend.
Save a heart.
Love the world.
I’m gonna spread my wings and guard the world.
I’m gonna spread my wings and fly.
After all, that’s what angels do…

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