Her Tears

June 20, 2009
By mered PLATINUM, Canton, Georgia
mered PLATINUM, Canton, Georgia
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How can you tell she's crying?
She turns her head away,
as to hide from what's been hurting her all along.
She blinks to clear the confusion from her eyes.
She holds her own hand
because she doesn't have anyone else to hold it for her.
She sniffs to breathe in some fresh air.
Because the air she's been breathing,
has been holding her down from flying to the heavens.
She sits down,
closer to what's keeping her grounded.
She slowly turns her head back towards you
and you see the tears in her eyes.

Those tears fall like she did for you when she first saw your smile.
Those tears drop to the ground like your knees when you first saw her walking towards you.
Those tears break away from the crowd like when you spent the whole night down by the lake with her.
Her eyes glitter in the light like the stars that night you met.
She starts to walk away.
She's not gonna waste her heart on you.
Her hands hold her face because her heart is pouring out for you.
Everything she was scared of suddenly came true in front of her.
She's crying now.
She's not gonna waste her heart on you.

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