Finding You

June 20, 2009
By rainydayz_of95 BRONZE, Willingboro, New Jersey
rainydayz_of95 BRONZE, Willingboro, New Jersey
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For the first time I stepped out of my brain.
Feeling creative I broke a hole in the window of my subconsciousness and jumped into the galaxy that is my being.
I sought out that new reflection of myself.
Because like the Greek god infatuated with himself,
I wanted to see myself and to love myself.
Because without one's self, the heart would loose that visible connection to the soul.
The essence that holds together the building blocks of the self would deteriorate into the nothingness that is the world.

So I cannon ball into my galaxy in search of the truth within me.
The key that would unlock my soul, sending messages to the soles of my feet saying:
It's time for a new beat.
Let the sound of your shoes slapping the pavement create the rhythm that coincides with the voice of the heart;
Which is hitting high notes and flying by notes.
Reaching so high that it high five's God.
And in the end you end up finding you.

The author's comments:
I hope someone likes this.

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