Rhymes with Leave

June 20, 2009
By Hannaleiigh PLATINUM, Kittery Point, Maine
Hannaleiigh PLATINUM, Kittery Point, Maine
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Rhymes with leave

I saw your window was open
I decided to step right on through
Crash right into you
The fields of green opened my eyes
and the steady wind took me by surprise
I danced for awhile between your skin
Melted away fabric, I sacrificed and let you in
Well you missed a line or two
Closed up stitches through and through
And pretty soon I couldn't find you
The cool air was clean but it'll always be cold
The birds in the sky carried away words I never told
I'd point you to a better time
Where the world played neatly at our feet
I'd make you laugh as our lips would meet
Sometimes I want to be enough for you
The grass grows past my skin
And I remembered why I couldn't let you win
I always ended up in this half real place
Where I trip around my head and try to remember your face
It's a world of make believe, but you'd rather get lost
Then to try a little and pay the cost
Dreaming takes you the places where you want to be
As you slip a little further away from me
I'm sitting on the ground and everything is swirled
It hits my skin and I melt into this
You were never one to follow the status quo
But your river, it always flowed so slow
I'm always the one stuck waiting

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