Before Daybreak

June 20, 2009
By Anonymous

let's watch the slivers of light dance
and encircle the room,
as cars pass by outside
speeding towards the moon,
let's watch the television screen
flicker and light up as it gleams,
flashing pretty colors that invade
as harmless as they seem,
let's watch the stars twinkle
and dot the sky like reams,
and maybe try to reach one
for very close they seem,
let's watch the little girl
dancing in the street,
while she spins and twirls
and as the raindrops she meets,
let's watch the lightening
as it sets the sky afire,
notice how the trees swing
as the wind tosses their leaves higher,
let's watch it calm back down
because it always does,
as the girl wanders back around
and sees everything as it was,
lets watch the glimmer of the rain
as it pitter-patters down on us,
while we look up and feign
understanding of the sky's gray rust,
let's forever watch the glow of the moon
as it silhouettes a black balloon
knowing morning comes to soon,
right after the dish runs away with the spoon.

The author's comments:
Remember those times when you stayed up with someone all night doing nothing, and morning just had to come too soon?

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