June 20, 2009
By dogfreak_17 GOLD, Klang, Selangor, Other
dogfreak_17 GOLD, Klang, Selangor, Other
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A nickel rolled down the pavement,
a second and a half passed.
I try to freeze the time,
but I am no God,
no keeper of time.
Little birdlings in the nest grow stronger,
developed their wings and attempt to fly.
A widow rests in peace in her wicker chair;
in her wrinkled body there is no more life.
A young man rushes into his office,
all sweaty and red,
for he oversleeps,
and time does not wait for him.
A pretty woman celebrates her thirtieth birthday,
at the little restaurant,
with good friends and good food present.
Though she dreads acknowledging it,
there’s no running away from the passing time;
getting older being a part of life.
A student sits at his desk in the examination hall,
with clammy hands,
exasperated by the unforgiving time,
for not allowing him enough time to study;
for not giving him more time to come up with answers.
“Time, stop! Just stop!”
is what I shout at the clock,
but the ticking of the clock only reminds
me of every fleeting moment,
never to be reversed;
never to come back again.

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