Endless Dreamer

June 20, 2009
By Ayana E BRONZE, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Ayana E BRONZE, Hershey, Pennsylvania
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She’s been a dreamer, since day one
Always thinking of ways to make life better
And make others believe (in themselves, the world, and their dreams)
She doesn’t have an exact path to take in life
Not just yet, but she’s making the most of trying
To figure it out, her destiny
Is not yet sealed
Many perils she has faced, but none can displace
The dreams that she’s held inside
Many people left, the ones who said they wouldn’t
But she’s held it together, maintained composure
Many people told her she wouldn’t do, she wasn’t good enough
Lies they all were, and lies they will stay
Because her hopes and dreams are still inside
Still alive
And ready now, more than ever
She dreams of being
A writer, so she can tell her story to people who will listen
A musician, so she can inspire others and bring music to life
An artist, so she can paint her future in vibrant colors
A teacher, so she can fill the world with wisdom and knowledge
A volleyball star, so she can be a positive role model and show people how to give it their all and never give up
And of being an engineer, so she can build the world for the ones she loves

So many choices, (running through her mind)
So little time to choose,
The possibilities are endless and she will forever dream
And against all odds, she will become, the best thing
This world’s ever seen

Ever since she entered this world
She’s had many hopes and endless dreams

Since day one
She’s been a dreamer
But one day
She’ll become the dream
She will become the dream

The author's comments:
This piece was a writing assignment for my 10th grade english class. We had just finished studying native american literature and learned that each individual had his own tribal name given to him based on his character. Were instructed to give ourselves our own tribal name, and then to write a piece reflecting the reasons for our choice.

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