All I’m Asking For - a hand to hold

June 20, 2009
By Ayana E BRONZE, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Ayana E BRONZE, Hershey, Pennsylvania
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And I’m knee deep in heartache and pain.
I’m heels over head, going insane
Thoughts running through my mind
Feels like I’m dying inside.
But look at me, what do you see?
Is it the fear, the hurt, the stress,
Borderline depressed? Can’t you tell I’m distressed?
No, you choose what you want to see
Instead of what is really there.
Don’t worry, one day I’ll find someone who cares,
But right now my mind is racing at the speed of light.

Who am I? Why am I here?
Why is this happening to me?
On the inside I’m screaming for help,
Someone to realize I’m scared,
Someone to tell me it will all work out.
But right now I’m drowning in doubt.
And I’m knee deep in tears that
Pour like the deepest flood
I’m head over heels, rivers run like blood
Is there someone out there? Someone to help?
Well you look at me but you don’t really see
All that is going on inside. Can you let down your pride?
Are you willing to see what’s been eating at me?
You don’t even notice, you don’t even care.
Is that how you’ll feel when I’m no longer here?

I am knee deep in heartache and pain
Fears and tears streaming down like rain
I’m heels over head, my world going insane
Thoughts through my mind, I am dying inside?
And you are the only one who can help
The only one who can make it better, heal the pain
But you don’t even notice
You don’t really care
At least now I know you won’t ever be there
But all I’m asking for is a friend that’s bold,
And a hand to hold.

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