Majority Rules

June 21, 2009
Looking into the flame
Seeing only shadows
Grazing through all the blame
Sorting through all life’s throws
Watching friends pass away
Not knowing how to cope
Live or die, that’s the way
To ease the pain, I turn to dope
Gangsters are not candles
Not used to light our path
So much stress, I can’t handle
Make mistakes, face their wrath.
Staring at the world with a vengeance
The result of a homicide
Burying the corpse with diligence
The grave where we all shall reside
You don’t know which way to choose
In a world with few choices
Either you win or you lose
This place, teenagers have no voices
The need for protection is scary
In the realm of desolation and solitude
A place where a weapon is necessary
Among people who are prejudice and rude
Life continues as the world turns
To suffer in disgrace
To die in hell and burn
Feeling lost and out of place.
Life’s unfair, cold, and cruel
You ask why it has to be like that
Why else?
Majority Rules.

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