To My Soldier

June 20, 2009
By Vampirekisses2010 BRONZE, Naples, Florida
Vampirekisses2010 BRONZE, Naples, Florida
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To My Soldier”
I miss you every minute of everyday, more than words can describe.
Every night I lay awake and wish you were here laying next to me.
I want you home and safe with me but I know what you are doing is great.
You are risking your life to save others.
You are an incredible person and I couldn't be anymore proud of you.
I pray very night that God will keep you safe and bring you home to me soon.
I know what you are doing is great, you fight so we can be safe and free.
Even though you’re miles away, you are close to my heart.
You are good and your brave what a father you’ll be someday.
I count down the days until I can hold you in my arms again.
I love you with my whole heart and I always will, and distance wont change that.
When I sit and think to myself I wonder if you miss me all the same.
As I sit on the couch and hold you picture I just let the tears run down my face.
I start to think, why did I let him go.
Why am I wasting my time, and then I say, I am waiting because I love this man with my whole heart and will wait for however long it takes for him to be home safe once again .

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