The House on The Hill MAG

By Jennifer S., Kincai, KS

The house on the hill
Was proud but still
The frame wouldchip
        the roof would dip
Andthe paint peeled off in long white strips
But the rafters stood tall in thegrand front hall
Where the girls had danced in the harvest fall
Withdresses of satin and watered silk
With skin so fair, the white of milk
Andher wooden floors that they danced across
Had once been nice though time hadlost
The grace and beauty, the sweet allure
And now decay of oak andfur
And once how laughter had filled the air
When there were people livinghere
Ladies, gentlemen, girls and boys
Tears and sorrow, laughs andjoys
Life and love had filled her walls
An elegance had graced herhalls
Maybe the hate had stolen her grace
And stolen the happiness from herface
But maybe it didn't, nobody knows
Wisdom comes and wisdom goes
Butnow she stands with quiet dignity
Her frame slightly sags but maintainsrigidity
Quiet respect fills me now
As I gape in amazement and wonderhow
What was once so high could fall so low
We'll never understand whatlies below
For her roof may dip
And her frame may chip
And her paintmay peel off in long white strips
But she'll always stand proud and still
Amonument of strength, the house on the hill

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i love this so much!


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