my pride

June 14, 2009
i wipe my face as i walk outside ;
so no one around me will know i cried ;
it would just hurt my pride ;
i dont understand why this happens to me ;
why cant theses people just let me be ;
& dont they see :
the pain inside of me ;
as if my hand being slamme din the door constandtly ;
you mean to tell me you cant see ;
whats going on inside of me ;
brain swells from a rush of thoughts in my head beneath my skull ;
bursting out so big and full ;
filled with thoughts dreams hopes and wishes ;
outting me threw this pain which is not good ;
dont you understadn that i dont think they know ;
how myself or my emotions flow ; treating em as if im nothing ;
but my thoughts really do mean something ;
you think all thats left i wonder;
is how i got under all this pressure im under ;
so look im just gonna wipe my face as i walk outside ;
so noone can see that i cried;
" it would just hurt my pride ";

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