Chayala's Story

January 6, 2009
By Anonymous

A flash image of Auschwitz.
The death camp smell fills my nose.
The dead bodies surround me.
I can’t get away from the stench.
That awful smell.
The sights of people around me who I was here with yesterday.
Their bodies being buried as I write this down.
You can not even imagine the amount of fear that is engulfing my whole essence right now.
As I work.
Like the sign says “Work to live”, it should say work to die. That’s what they’re trying to do anyway, kill us.
I just don’t understand what we ever did to them.
I mean we shared our food with them.
We were kind.
One day I was walking home from school, and before I knew it my whole family of ten kids with me, and
my mother and father were rounded up.
I saw them kill my baby sister Chana.
She was only six months old.
She was crying because she was hungry.
They picked her up by her neck, dropped her on the ground , and started kicking her.
When I ran over and told them to stop hurting her, one said “Fine.”.
He then pulled out his rifle and shot her.
I immediately started crying.
The other one said “Well he did what you wanted. He stopped hurting her.”
They then laughed and ordered me back in before they did to me what they did to Chana.
A few hours later at approximately 4:01 am Chayala Sarah Goldberg died due to starvation in Auschwitz.

The author's comments:
I'm not actually a relative of a Holocaust survivor. I'm just feel this tie to it, like someone needs to shout REMEMBER THE HOLOCAUST! I found a way through my writing. It's like that saying, "never forget the past or you're doomed to repeat it".

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