To the Guardian of a Tender Heart

December 24, 2008
By Aaron Sauer, Sloatsburg, NY

Intrinsic spirits with glaring, staring eyes
Their eyes a vision with glowing veins of crimson derision
Demonic faces
Feasting like bats
Suckling my sense of self dry
Leaving me as I cry
With fang marks like tats
Till there’s little more than a tan Edward Cullen remaining
All their attempts to kill; it slays me
Their hatred enslaves me
But it seems there’s only one who can save me
A five-foot monument to the beauty in my mind
Every inch intoxicating from her soles to the top of her head
A paradise you think you’d get only when you’re dead
Unaware of the passing of time
As she disturbs the stance she chose to settle in
She opens fire like hell
A gun with rose petals contained within
The sweet, soft shrapnel
Slowly encircling smooth skin
The burning powder like sin
The burning power stinging
Ears ringing
Reminding me of every pointless fling thing
Attacking my mind so when I yell
My mouth opens wide
Wide so I can step outside my bodily hell
To look back inside
My mind snaps while my thunder claps
The mind’s endless runner continues his endless laps
Slows to a halt
Burdening myself with the fault
Heat so crippling and tickling that my body perspired
Now in case you weren’t sure
The powder burn was merely a metaphor
See everyone I’ve ever been in love with has imprisoned me
The keyhole to my heart scarred by heartless shoving their keys in and
Pulling them vigorously
Past loves
Girls like thugs
Shooting their slugs
Playing with your heart like drugs
Backwashing from your soul filled mugs
And tearing through my heart with slow painful tugs
Poison lead through my heart as it courses
Tearing your heart in opposite directions with wild horses
Allow me just a drop of rain from her heavens to quench this thirst
Replenish the moisture to my destitute earth
She glances down with eyes made of emerald and sapphire
Her affection for me beginning to transpire
With angelic hands she dusted my shoulders off
Freeing my from my burdensome cross
As she whispers, “I love you,
There’s not a star up above
That shines like sweet drops of wine
Till the end of time…
No love…except for mine.
My strength is your strength. My life is your life. My tears are your tears. No man woman or child could take me from you; so no more fears.”
Touching her hands to my chin
Lifting me up so I could see her smilin’
Strength returning
No longer burning
Simply yearning to return her love
While my love for her is stirring
Realizing that her bullets of crimson
Allowed me the wisdom to see
Past the derision of thoughtless, cruel women
Now to her alone I give these keys
No more fear in my heart
From the very start
She’s been guarding that part of me

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