In the Silence of the Night

December 23, 2008
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In the silence of the night,
The wind plays with Jerusalem sand- throwing and tossing it around in circles,
All before the night strikes an eerie shining star,
That reigned over the night.

There was something about that star that seemed to tell a story,
It lay hidden- coated beneath the earth's atmosphere- but shone brighter than any other in the sky,
It flickered with starlight- a wonderful sight,
That night, fields of angels soared above the sky.

Angels appeared to the unsuspecting,
Telling great signs- the signs they were living in their time,
It was a glorious night- Jesus Christ was about to be born,
A saviour, at last, from the world's poison- sin.

In the silence of the night,
A woman gave birth without pain,
To our Lord Jesus Christ,
The savior of the world,

Today, you may still see that star,
Seeming to tell the story of that miraculous night,
Shining brighter than three suns,
Its rays shed from the Kingdom of Heaven.

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