If Summer Was Us, Then What is Fall?

December 23, 2008
By Anonymous

Fall is the Great Separation.
It is hours of phone conversation, crying over miles of telephone wire.
Wishing to be together, but never being granted any time.

Fall is passion.
With every intake of breath i feel your palm cupping my face.
Your lips brush my neck and your fingertips taste every hollow of my ribs.

Fall is frustration.
So many times I fail, so many times I am called on it.
For the first time my faults get realized, glaring back in the faces of everyone who sees me.

Fall is pain.
A razorblade's kiss releases the stress of everything.
Guilty recountings of last night's mistake allows different levels of miserable.
The question, "Why?" rings constantly in my head, and crackles through the receiver as you struggle to make sense of something that is the absolute definition of nonsensical.

Fall brings this greater sense of maturity.
It is the beginning and end of so much.
I say goodbye to my life of the past five years; tears are shed from the finality of it all.
I welcome, though, the promise of college, of room to grow, and maybe some shred of normalcy to my perfect disorganization.

Fall is butterflies in the pit of my stomach.
Fall is my heart twisting as I realize I've caused you pain.
Fall is the beginning and end of my life as i know it...
and i guess it isn't so unwelcome, in the end.

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