June 19, 2009
By Anonymous

As I sit here
Theres nothing left but fear
Why did it have to end?
With a broken heart to mend

Everything was great
But now its too late
Only left with cuts and tears
From all those years..

If only you had given a chance
If only there was one more dance
If only there was hope
If only there was no end to this rope

So this is where it stops
With all of the tears and sobs
From what was so strong
Turned into something so wrong

I have nothing left to say
Now that her life is turning so gray
Letting all the memories past me by
Why is it so hard to say good-bye?

I remember when he said always and forever
But now its all over.
How can he have broken his vow?
How can he be ready to take a bow?

After all they’ve been through
I thought their love was true
So why is it ending?
Why did he leave a heart for mending?

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a close friend who recently broke up with her boyfriend, who she dated for over 2 years. Shes been depressed about the breakup and started cutting and I hope this would make her feel abit better.

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