So much for a happy day

June 18, 2009
By , Fort Bragg, NC
I’m very glad as you can see,
About this day that’s been brought to me,
I smile and wave to those I meet,
All keeping their heads down in defeat,
I wave again and say hello,
But they just cry, mourn, and bellow,
What is this thing that they behold,
A feeling I’m unsure of, it must be cold,
Their emotions don’t change, not at all,
As if, they’ve come to a dead end, a wall,
A wall so large it must be torn,
To remove the pain of this thorn,
I’m starting to feel my own pain emerge,
I must leave quickly from this surge,
The sadness envelopes all around,
All of it can it can be heard, every sound,
The sun is hidden behind the black,
While I’m running trying to find my way back,
I search for the happiness that once was there,
While others around me simply don’t care.

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