June 18, 2009
By rubberducky BRONZE, Evansville, Wisconsin
rubberducky BRONZE, Evansville, Wisconsin
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He tied me up with his mind,
Seduced me to leave my old life behind.
He broke these fragile wings upon my back,
Slashed my self esteem in half,
Then told me not to fret,
The next day he told me that it wasn’t over yet…
He laid me to rest on a bed of broken dreams,
While the tears ran down my cheeks in streams.
I never should have trusted him and gave him my heart,
Because all he did was tear it apart,
And never did he once apologize for what he did to me,
He never will and no one can see,
How much he hurt me inside,
How he damaged my pride.
He had me in inconspicuous chains with no key,
And somehow I managed to break free…
It took me almost three years to do,
But somehow I pulled through.
I woke up alive and well,
But there are still things I’ll never tell…
And there are things I don’t have the courage to say,
But I can still close my eyes and it feels like it just happened yesterday…

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