War Torn

June 18, 2009
By emma21 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
emma21 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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I hear mommy humming

I smell brownies in the oven waiting for me

I see my beautiful window

I walk towards it

It calls me closer

My shoes gently tap on the soft wood floors

Mommy says not to touch the lace curtains

But they’re so pretty

My hand glides toward them

When I draw near the world flips


The prettiness is gone

The lace disintegrates under my touch

The cool glass is left just under my virgin eyes

I look down

I’m seeing war

It has my bath water carrying bags of blood

It has my snowmen sacrificing themselves to the fire

It has the evil layers of ice I always slip on, polishing away the rough spots

And it has Daddy

He’s holding one of those bad things

The one’s that shoot dear dead

I run out to help him, but the world disappears

My body tears apart with a bang. The bad thing got me

I hear Daddy crying

I want to help him but I can’t

All I see is fog

I’m feeling death.

I see my beautiful bed

I climb onto it

My tiny head with big curls falls onto the pretty pillow

I rest here forever until the day pretty lace looks upon green fields and ponies

I’m feeling peace.

The author's comments:
Whenever I read this poem of mine I cry and I just want to see if I expressed my feeling in a way that others can feel it too.

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