The Life Of Death

June 18, 2009
By Jeeves SILVER, Augusta, Georgia
Jeeves SILVER, Augusta, Georgia
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“ The Life Of Death”

Death lived on from birth of sanity,
Thought they defeated me… but were they ever wrong...
I chose to hide my expressions and chose this life of grief,
Is there anything you can do now to stop my impossible insanity?

I have lived the life of the unworthy, the unsuited,
Never wanting such, and by death I was recruited.
… All there to be seen is a plague…a plague of brutality,
Murder, filth, disgust have brimmed my mind - become my personality.

Weeping with sorrow after the burial in the ground,
Burned to ashes with left nothing but burning,
Left there for jaws to rip off it’s beauty,
After all such, the world is then left to feel nothing- but the memories.

Everything touched becomes a part … a part of my life,
A life damned… inevitably cold… with no end and not even a path.
You think you have suffered through unbearable pain?,
Then welcome… welcome to my life… The Life Of Death.

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