Reflections of Ideal

June 18, 2009
By Anonymous

Look into the mirror
beyond the burning bridges you leave behind
see the past you treasure
now just the distortion of a memory
twisted with emotion

the world was brighter then
all the colors vibrant with life
don't you remember the rays of happiness?

shatter the memory
useless shards cast about
splinters glinting off the rays of your demise

the splinters of memory
form a web
trapping you to the past

watch as your life fragments beyond repair
the blades of memory cut deep into your soul
reflecting your passion
all that remains

piece them together in your last hope
useless effort, wasted as you wail in despair
the spiderweb reflections of your tears
all pointing to the mirror describing the past,
useless as a pane of glass

your past is devoured
your present filled with misery
your future a nightmare

let the shade of your happiness taint the emotion
all that fills your hollowed mind
shards cut more than your soul

as emotion fades
your mortality stains where you lay
the darkness envelopes you;
look into the mirror
beyond the burning bridges
see the past you never had

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