When I Saw You Holding His Hand MAG

By Sharlyne G., New City, NY

Our trip to Florida wasn't so sunny for me.
Actually, you kind of rained on my parade.
My best friend with the boy I had fallen for.

My heart sank as deep as the ocean goes
And salty tears trickled down my face.

He looked perfect, with that dark blue visor to spare his skin from the sun,
His worn-out Converse shoes, mood ring on the left middle finger,
And you attached to his left arm.

But still, my heart sank as deep as the ocean could ever go
And the saltiest tears trickled down my face.

Taste of bitterness in my mouth
Sweating from the hot sun glaring down at me,
Not even a tan, just green with envy.

Plastering a smile on my face
I tasted the ocean in my mouth
And you could find my heart sunken at the bottom of the Florida Keys.

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i love this so much!


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