What is Love

June 18, 2009
By KupCake.Duhh BRONZE, Scottsville, Virginia
KupCake.Duhh BRONZE, Scottsville, Virginia
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So What really is Love? if You ask a Baby he Or She Would Not Give You An answer they would just cry. If youy asked a toddler they would just giggle and run a way. if you ask a 7 year old they would run around screaming "Eww Cooties" if you asked a pre-teen they would make up some lame speech which would really make no sense at all if you asked a teen this is what he or she would say "its the feeling that you get when your around someone you can't live without, the feeling that no one else in the world matters but you 2 the feeling that butterflies can't compare 2 the feeeling that your special if not 2 the world then 2 the 1 person your in love with" if you ask a grown-up they would say " go sit down somewhere your 2 young 4 that" if ask god he won't tell you he would show you by bringing it into your life and when that happens you think back and found out everybody was right the baby was right by crying vbecause thats what it makes you do sometime the toddler was right for running away gigling because sometimes that all you can do, the pre-teen was right becasue love is to complex 2 really explain in a way that it makes sense the teens were right becasue its a feeling that greater than any other tand the adults were right 2 because sometimes love is over rated the only person that wasn't right was the toddler for screaming "cooties" bec the term cooties was only a disguise for how the kids really felt but now that we found the word love cooties no longer apply

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its really deep just read it

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