June 18, 2009


''..it creeps up stealthily,
Stealing all other thought,
Mundane concerns forgotten,
It’s just me and my inspiration…

..In the purple-pink cloudburst,
Or the flushed, happy face of a child...
The innocence and trust of an unfortunate babe’s,
The genuine smile of a stressed worker...

..or the blank blackboard staring straight,
Reflecting years of wisdom and hard work,
Or the big blue waves rolling ashore,
In a gentle calmness lulling the soul...

I feel inspired to give my all,
When I see my good fortune splayed on my flowery bedroom wall...
And when I look down under and there meets my sight,
The unfortunate babe, lone in the dump,
Unaware of his sad plight..

I see inspiration in the choked sky,
blackened with thick carbon and chemical,
And I know this is my cue, to stand up without further ado,
And do what must be done,
To repaint the sky’s pretty picture of blue...

I feel inspired when I feel the peace within,
One that originates out of a random good deed,
Or maybe even that smile I gave away, yesterday,
To that poor overburdened, abandoned man
And received in return a hesitant curve of genuine appreciation...

I feel inspired when I feel the goodness within,
Out of charity not of penny, but of
Moments spent in silent support,
with the aging widow bereaved of family joy...
And the hand I held, to the enemy that fell,
And helped right out, of the pit of misery and doubt..

Inspiration is in everything.
Beautiful, pitiful,
Helplessness, respite..
But it is the resolve in our hearts that can catch on to the inspiration,
And spin it into a world of elation...
Where eyesore turns pure beauty,
And feud turns friendly…''

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