An Elegy to Lost Places

June 18, 2009
By Alex Langstaff BRONZE, London, Other
Alex Langstaff BRONZE, London, Other
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An elegy to lost places

To the sunset; To the pigeons;
To the siren; To the park;
To the river, the alley;
To the street
With orange lamps aglow;
To the steps,
To you, I ran.

Neon bright, stripped of
Fox’s howl or pure silence
I walk empty amongst
The bobbing heads.
What stung; for it scolded me,
The searing sound,
Echoing through my mind
A message in some unknown,
Foreign language to behold.

Driven to the very edge of what
I know,
No more. No more.
To seek the lost is to
Find the stars in the night sky.
To drink a concoction of pure delirium
Maddening to the point of perfection
So burdensome and yet so elusive.

I am lost in a wilderness
Of cars and
and noises
that burn my ears. No instinct
to remain but the solace of
love and what meaning does that have?

The author's comments:
A clash of worlds changed my perception of society when moving from my rural home to a very large city. This poem grew from a sense of being uprooted and being lost; the challenges we face are just as much around us as they are inside us.

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