Princess Alena

June 17, 2009
By SwimmerQueen SILVER, Snoqualmie, Washington
SwimmerQueen SILVER, Snoqualmie, Washington
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Princess Alena was by far the most beautiful lady in the land
Her kingdom was the most happy full of light
Most people say its because all the men are too content staring at her
To fight
She was not yet married or even betrothed
She was lonely full of woe
All she would do is sit in her tower staring out the window
waiting for her prince charming to appear bellow

As she slept a young man dressed in Saxon blue
Slipped in to her room to capture her without a trace
But when he laid eyes on her sleeping face
He was possessed
kneeling by her bed he watched as she slept

When she awoke as sunlight broke
She opened her eyes to find the most handsome man staring at her
And from that moment she was blind to any other
They both knew they were meant for one other

she tore her eyes from his to look at his clothes
She gasped
He was the prince the enemy of her kingdom
She looked in his eyes hers full of questions
Instead of answers
He kissed her lips softly without hesitations
Then he jumped from the window, shimming down a rope
She ran to the window just in time to see him ride away, her heart
full of hope
She waited for days and months for him to return to her
Finally one night he did appear
he asked her to run away with him and start a new kingdom
Before his father and hers found out of their love
She agreed
to follow his lead
Feeling the freedom of a dove

They were chased by both sides
Even though she hides
Their tracks
They were fearful of attacks
They were finally found
And brought before the crown
But then both of the kingdoms realized how much they loved each other

one night as Princess Alena was about to take her life
Prince Tristan walked in the room and asked her to be his wife
Swept her of her feet
She was so happy to see him she kissed his lips sweet

The kingdoms where unite
Everything alright
Princess Alena and Prince Tristan lived happy ever after in their kingdom
By the sea

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