Diamond Girl

June 17, 2009
By misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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Thoughts racing.
Hoping, the impossible it seems,
Wishing it would just be over, wondering if it ever will be,
For me this feels like nothing is perfect, or ever will it be...
I don't even know anymore. Look what you've done to me.
Crazy making, endless thoughts, yes I admit, as I have before,
Just wishing...you would love me.
Wishing you would walk through my door.
Loving this weakness you have bestowed upon me, hating it at the same time
All through the night...wishing you were mine
My heart is punctured, by your works, are you an artist now?
But somehow I still can't help myself to want you
What a horrible curse, can it end now?
I involuntarily, surely not wanting to, accidentally gave you my heart
I let you keep it, seeing how you would handle it
My life, most remembered memories, you became apart
Can't believe the things I've thought about you..
My kids, possibly our kids too
I'm so messed up, don't know what to do
I want to be your diamond girl
I want to be you one and all
I want to be wifey
I want to give you my all
Damn, this thing is crazy, this love game
It's wrappin me up in it's maze...I'm gettin lost
It's drivin me insane
Not sure how I'm feeling..
Not sure if this is me
This love has got my brain grillin
I'm not sure if this is right for me
Wanting different things...
So strongly, It confuses me which one I want most
But If I choose you babe, I'll promise to give you all my love
I have a lot
Stretchin from coast to coast
Just got to figure things out...God is my savior
He understands...
Babe, for now..
Imma let him be my man
He's the best one for me, and yeah Imma still need that physical connection..
So be my best friend, be here for me till it's right..
And I'll show you my affection
My collection..
Of emotions, that'll make you love me, babe
My lil tricks that'll make you want to stay with me babe
Imma be that special girl for ya, for another girl, you aint gon neva want to trade
Stick with me...that's all I am tryin to say
Cuz...I think I could love you
And I want to be with you forever...every single day
You had me crazzin for you since the start
Babi, you even stole my heart
You had me confused...twisted and rocked
You had my mind in a hold, you had me locked
I was, and still am unsure if this would be right
Trying to protect myself, you know
But, I dream of you day and night
I think this could work
This love game...maybe it isn't so bad
With you there ain't no reason to be sad
I don't know...this is so crazzy
But you know what…I've made my decision
I want you to be my babi
My eva lastin love
My sky above...and the air I walk on when I'm with you
I want to forever and day share my love...with no one else in the world, but you

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