What the Winds Carry

June 17, 2009
By Amelie13 GOLD, Burlington, Iowa
Amelie13 GOLD, Burlington, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
"Yet ah! why should they know their fate? 
Since sorrow never comes too late, 
And happiness too swiftly flies. 
Thought would destroy their paradise. 
No more; where ignorance is bliss, 
'Tis folly to be wise." - Thomas Gray, exerpt from 'An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard'

In Wind are our stories
held there by time
Breeze takes scents
to new places and minds
all carry something wherever
it might need to be
they share knowledge
with creatures like me

Gust captures moments
shares them with few
she journeys farther
than mountains can view
takes them away to where
they are needed most
and in a flash she’s gone
but what did she catch
that she felt so important
not to linger or slow

Draft is a being
i can’t even begin
to understand
or know
but bear in mind
what he can do
how he can save or destroy
he carries the cold
into your home
in winter
on christmas eve
he bears the load
of birds and bats
holds them

In the Winds
are tales and thoughts
sounds and smells
carting them
where they can aid
assist someone’s

Yet who is it who
thanks the Winds
for all they do for us
what person could
endure the loads
the Winds clutch
which are more than we
have asked
much more than we

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