Escaping the world

June 17, 2009
By XCallDownFire SILVER, San Jose, California
XCallDownFire SILVER, San Jose, California
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The sound of rushing water picked me up with a graceful swoop and faced me towards the incoming confrontation. My restless body flopped to the ground as the anticipation fled from inside me. The waves loomed closer now, and the impact was imminent. The sea was a hungry beast and within seconds I was consumed. Hands emerged from the depths and dragged me deeper and deeper into the dark abyss. A school of fish darted my way but I thought nothing of it. Within seconds they charged my feet but disappeared on impact. Warm feelings of pleasure began to surge inside me. My eyes soon shot back into my skull, leaving me in a state of euphoric bliss. Like a cube of butter I began to melt as my back touched the ocean floor. The sun shined bright with a vibrant glow as I was introduced to this heaven like place. The clouds were soft to the touch and the view was so beautiful that it would make any man cry. All those feelings of pain and suffering seemed to vanish right before your eyes. I was weightless and seemed to float with every step. The euphoria seemed to subside with every breath taken until finally I began my descent towards the ground. Time was of the essence and I had run out. I was now being summoned back to that place of torment anger, or as you might call it, reality.

The author's comments:
This is something I've experienced in my life and a reminder that you problems will always be there no matter how much you try to avoid them

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