June 17, 2009

I don’t understand
Why you do what you do
Of all of the things I’ve put your heart through
I don’t understand
Much of anything at all
Most of all why
You’ve chosen to fall
I don’t understand why you care what they think
Or why you have chosen those friends that you’ve picked
I don’t understand
Your ways at all
But I’m trying and trying
But quickly I fall
I don’t understand why
You would choose things you have
But mostly I can’t figure out
Why it makes me sad
I guess I just care for you
Too much I guess
I wanted to say that I love you
But you don’t really care
I don’t understand why you hurt me like that
I don’t know why you do things
That’s what makes me sad
I wanted to help you
To make you feel glad
But all I can do
Is watch you be mad
I hope things will change one day
I really truly do
But mostly I wish I could understand you

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