Mrs. Tree and Mr. Moon

June 17, 2009
By JCG14 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
JCG14 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Washington
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"Let it go, and it will all come back to you."

My roots,
Brown with soil
My leaves,
Green with spring

Smell to me
Like I to you.
Children play
In my arms

Catching whispers
In the night
I send them to you
To please, Moon.

Love of mine,
Held so high
Come down
So I wilt’s not cry

So far away you live.
So much love to give,
So much time while we wait
To combine someday.

Bolting up to see,
Feeling a tug at my roots;
Something I’ve not told you,
I fear it’s a horrible thing to tell my Moon.

My roots,
Brown with fatigue
My leaves,
Yellow with disease

You my Moon,
Have gone away;
To children’s cries,
As you teach them to fly.

Acids and trash,
Plastics and a gash;
Where life begins to leak from me.
What happened my deary?

Who did this to me?
I had eternity to wait for you,
As you did for me.
Who would keep us from us?

You hear my silence,
And start to turn.
I pull the cloud curtains down,
So you won’t see, a now yellow crown.

Instead of my flower children ,
Growing in my green nursery,
I see yellow, a sickly yellow
Surrounding my feet.

My roots,
Black with death
My leaves,
Brown beside my feet

Pulling back the clouds;
So you can see me,
Before my final sleep.
You try to creep

Closer to the ground,
Where you were supposed to be,
Someday, with this now sick dying tree.
Darling, you say, how could you have gotten this way?

Why did you keep the curtains drawn?
How could you keep me away?
I could have pulled water to you
Kept you with me from day to day!

Stop, I gasp.
I didn’t believe you’d love,
A thing, like this.
Know I was wrong to have you gone.

But dear, my blessed moon,
O how I love you.
With my last breathe he returns,
I love you as always.

My roots,
No more
My leaves,

The author's comments:
When I wrote this I was super aware of all the destruction happening to our earth. This is how it came out of me.

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