June 17, 2009
One by one our live intertwine,
Locking us irreversibly together,
With or without our consent,
We are as one,
Born to live,
Yet guaranteed to die,
It is our fear that brings us together,
And our faith that keeps us sane,
Our faith however is the very same that divides us,
Our faith…
Our religion…
Our indifference…
Our very own misconception,
Inside this unfathomable existence,
We take pride in our achievement,
Yet we allow our minds to succumb to infinitesimal close mindedness,
We share the greatest gift,
We are our own universe,
Constantly bending,
Ever shifting,
But we carry no difference,
We are alive,
Therefore we are equal,
We feel the same pain,
We feel the same sorrow,
Simply equal…
No skin nor creed,
No right nor wrong,
Simply equal…
And through all small actions,
All things change,
Not a word is unheard,
No travesty unseen,
No good deed unrewarded,
The median of all things,
But in this world one chooses what to see,
Or denies the beauty of life altogether,
So be still,
Open your eyes,
And let your mind wander,
“Let us never forget,
We born to die,
And that is only beautiful,
There is no such thing as ugly to it”
Cherish life,
Worship death,
Not with tears,
But joy…
Treat everyday as it is your last,
Do everything you can to help our world survive,
Deep breath,
Last breath,
One ending,
To a new beginning,

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