My Family

June 17, 2009
He hides his secrets with no fear
As he runs away without no tears
The truth slowly comes out
As we get older we have no doubt
We are all the same in many ways
We all had our troubles as
We grew in age
He drank at 13
He smoked at 10
She got beat when she was 3
The other sister always got good grades
And as for him
We know no such thing
Except his age
And as for me
You don’t need to know
Except I go through what they did
Just more
We have connected
We have bond
With something that is way more
You can’t high
Or even buzzed
Off all the love
We have shared between us
We did it all
All by our self’s
With little help from the boss
He glares at us when we do our bad
But if we did the same with him
I’m sure he would not have even lived
I do love him with all my heart
But he has made it so…
When we hide our secrets
No one knows
All the fear that we have to hold
And as we run no one shall see
All the tears
We hold back from thee
And as the truth slowly
We shall know there is no doubt
That we are all the same by which
We love each other and that’s about it

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