Tears of Joy

June 17, 2009
I smile as I stare into her eyes,
Far beyond the beauty she knows within herself,
I laugh as I lay next to her and realize that this isn’t merely a perfect dream,
I look into her eyes and begin to cry,
Feeling my body tremble with immense happiness,
I breathe in deeply and hold her tighter,
My heart begins to race as the tears fall from my eyes,
I feel like I am sinking,
But I know she will not let me fall,
Then she turns to me and begins to stare back,
I lose my breath and my heart misses a beat,
I stare into her eyes as long as I am able,
But I ounce again I feel tears within me beginning to build,
I look away to conceal “my weakness”,
But when I look back I see that she is smiling,
My actions show her more than I could ever tell her,
Yet I turn to her and lean my head against hers,
Whispering the only words I know,
“I love you”,
Here with her,
In my home,
Within my arms,
My only love,
There is neither pain nor sorrow,
A feeling that is never ending,
With her,
In this moment,

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