Herself as she sees it

June 17, 2009
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With subtle freckles
on the surface of fair
rosy skin
bordered by light amber hair
with matching pins

behind the lips
painted with cheap lip gloss
are the man-made straight teeth
surrounded on both sides
by big jolly cheeks
that dance
as she laughs

under the mascara
and purple liner
sit her blue-grey eyes
golden gates to her soul

the coaches dream
and pride
and work
put into one girl
all so heavily

the brothers dummy
to scratch
and pull her hair
but to also keep her company

that little girl
curled up on her bed when shes alone
but strong and outgoing when shes not

fearful of goodbyes
and heartbreak
but wont show it on the surface

she will always be that small town valley girl
with dreams far to big for herself
and yet keeps going
because she'll never stop

she the girl who's in the gym
rather than at parties
who doesnt know what life is
outside of extreme sports

her clothes are whatever
randomyly thrown on in the morning
never will care what the kids at school
will say
does she care?

but the not caring
and pulls
throughout teh day
she talks with her friends
and her peers
and her teachers
stays strong
holds herself up
but one she hits the door to her room
crumbles like a crisp leaf in fall

shes the undercover dam
rebuilt everyday

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ProdigalDaughter said...
Jun. 27, 2009 at 3:57 pm
A few misspellings. Read over again please. But everything else is great. Love the descriptions.
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