If Heaven and Hell Combined

June 17, 2009
By MiaKay BRONZE, Snoqualmie, Washington
MiaKay BRONZE, Snoqualmie, Washington
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If Heaven and Hell Combined

If Heaven and Hell combined prowling darkness would Overtake the
Significant beams of light.
It would be a poisonous Heaven filled with
Wingless angels
In a mixture of comical death and
Scarce immoralities will there be
Drowning silence breaking through the air?
At the start of and emerald blaze

will there also be a storm of
Freezing fire?
Parked tomorrows will forever be our
Abandoned eternity and
Dancing burns will forever be etched into our skins
Because if Heaven and Hell combined everything will be contradicted and countered by its own opposite
All we know will be confused by what it is

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