A Million Mighty Men

June 17, 2009
By Ben Lund BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
Ben Lund BRONZE, Vancouver, Washington
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A million mighty men
Standing in line
Waiting their turn to get aboard
The godforsaken train
Showing no fear
They leave everything behind
Their home,
Their freedom,
Their children,
Their wives.
Looking at their wives through the dirt stained windows of the sweaty train
They wave one last time
Before the obnoxiously noisy train
Carries them away
To a place of misery and despair

The rain begins to fall
Striking the ground
Echoing the sadness of the wilting, weeping wives
Similar to the tears of God crying from heaven
Mourning the deaths
That would soon come

A million mighty men
Heading off to war
Some will come back just fine
But others will come back in the form of a letter
Being sent to their home
Where the grieving spouse is waiting
To hear the bad news.
Like that of a mom when she finds out
Her son has cancer.

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