June 17, 2009
By Sophhema BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Sophhema BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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One of the most simplest emotions
And yet so complicated.
I sit in the dark.
It is so quiet.
The eerie night grabs hold of my heart,
Squeezing me, choking me

In the silence
I cry
Blackened tears fall down my alabaster cheeks


All around me
The shadows on the wall mock me
They dance in and out of the light, taunting me.
I beg, I cry
Shaken with panic
My body is a fallen leaf in the wind.
Out of breath
I grip the bed sheets in trepidation
Waiting, ever waiting
Just waiting for the monsters under my bed
For the skeletons to creep out of the closet.
My breath quickens as i dive under my sheets.
The thick blanket of smoke called terror strangles me
Ties me down
Scratching and clawing at my insides
Rending me in every way possible.
I am petrified as my voice is stolen from me
My heart beats harder and harder in a fight I was sure to lose.
My mind frozen in horror as my nightmares rape me over and over
Never letting go
Always pulling
All different directions
It's such a simple feeling
Such a simple emotion
Yet why am I dying?
This emotion is not just Fear
But Fear is Death
Death inside
And sometimes

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