im done

June 17, 2009
By , rockford, IL
i cant believe u wudd do dat 2 meh!!i didnt deserve it at all!!i was here 1st!!how u gonna tell her u luv her wen u mii mann!!u aint even tell meh dat..dass like meh messin around wit som1 else..u wudd b hurt 2...
juss like meh n tylisa said::u a DOGGG n u ungrateful!!
i cudda had waaaaaayyyyyyyy betta!!i was actually fallin 4 u n diz how u gon do meh??IM DONE!!u messed up 4 yo self!!u wanted meh 4 idk how long n diz how u do meh mann??im 4real diz time!!erase meh up out yo memory bank dude..we done..yea das how i feel!!so if u c meh DONT SPEAK!!DONT EVEN LUKK AT MEH!!

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