Self Portrait

June 17, 2009
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she’s short&tan,
with runners legs,
fully equipped with long
brown hair.

Q: “isn’t it weird how we don’t
Remember when we were babies?”
A: “you know why that’s true?
cause babies are stupid!”
HAHA you had to be there….

A daughter, who never seems to run
out of energy, although sometimes
I want to pull my hair
because of her.
she’s always happy, and has a
strong passion for loving Christ.

she’s never too young for being
best friends with her mom,
going on shopping trips,
and getting her nails done,
she’s her daddy’s girl,
her mama’s world.

she’s a typical teenage sister,
always up to date with the latest
everything, always on her phone,
cant live without her iPod, and always
talking about boys late at night with her best friends.

im always myself, never changing,
and in life, I always live it to the fullest,
I like pineapple, a lot.
I have a huge, loving, crazy family,
that I wouldn’t trade for the world.
Im the kind of girl that wears ten
diffrent colors on her toe nails, and
can walk around in sweats and a sweatshirt
all day long.

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