June 18, 2009
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Deep within a forest,
A tree stood tall and proud,
Buried deep were its roots,
And its branches touched the clouds.

The tree was growing older,
Almost no leaves were on its limbs,
First came fall, and then came winter,
All were whisked off by the wind.

As spring arrived,
With April’s floods,
The tree stood barren,
Except for two buds.

The buds grew into leaves,
And partners they became,
Together they endured,
The wind, the cold, the rain.

Spring turned into summer,
And summer into fall,
And as the old tree aged, he knew,
These were the two happiest leaves of all.

They played, laughed, and endured,
And together they vowed to be true,
And as the days grew shorter,
Their love just grew and grew.

Then one day one leaf gained,
A slight tinge of brown,
He left his partner on the tree,
And he fluttered to the ground.

The other leaf became distraught,
But the wise old tree just knew,
“Don’t be sad, he isn’t gone.
He’s watching over you.”

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