Without You

June 17, 2009
By FracturedAngel SILVER, Corning, New York
FracturedAngel SILVER, Corning, New York
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How do you swim
without water
How do you see
without light
How do you breathe
without air

When you left
a piece of my went with you
never to be found again
I've tried to fill
the whole you left behind
But each time I try
the whole expands
becoming bigger than it was before

How do you run
without ground
How do you soar
without sky
How do you scream
without sound

You found me
when I thought
I was going to be lost forever
You mended all my pieces
putting them together again
And then you were gone
I believe I've lost you for good
I feel your heart beat no more

How do you dream
without sleep
How do feel
without touch
How do you live
without love

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