June 16, 2009
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You know me; everybody does.
I've made you throw in the towel and surrender your gloves.
I've brought you to your knees,
As I heard your crying pleas.
I seemed to have send you answers, for I recieved thanks,
But you'll fight for my name of hope with huge metal tanks.
I am great, good, and grand, some will say,
Yet I have created so much of this world's aweful gray.
I think about the wars you fight over me,
I must have been created with hate mixed in with my immortality.
So many have died in the vain of my contradicting words,
You can't imagine what I've felt, what I've seen, what I've heard.
Your faith has yet to fail and come crashing down upon my head,
Yet at this point in time I wish that I was dead.
But I will live for ever as you fight for my name.
Christianity, Budism, Judaism, they're all the same.
I am Religeon, and I cannot die...
But believe me, don't think I won't try.

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