Canadian Doubles

June 16, 2009
Napkin wet soluble soft in
rhythm of the universe
punishment that can't harm the dead
leans back living
white as space

you are the fat bohemian
rain stick soda can glaciating
solo of warm pungee
rhythm of dreaming.

a stop mirror aside for gold sides
mirrors apart
that passes on through
a street collection, and nothing feared
will come from the pantry monster
spigot. city, I say

torn flux purgatory games
hunt children drum royal lines
faceless painting
lugged in cobwebs
black noise tragedy age
yellow jacket sestina
skids in the urn for

generally sulking the window cracks
from the whales dawn hearing.
hears falling gamelan
veldts of ginger penny ale
button plants. whale,

the window there's a sewer.
it lugs my tones into yours;
every sigh a novel.
every glance a poem.

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