June 16, 2009
By jordan20 BRONZE, Hanford, California
jordan20 BRONZE, Hanford, California
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Whispered in the ears of so many before

Beguiling and charming minds

Into doing its work

Defining art

It takes many forms

Inspiring one after the other

Shaping the sculpture

Painting the picture

Composing the music

Stirring the writer

Giving birth to genius, provoking thought

Transcending into life

Inhabiting all forms of existence

Each natural scene depicted, every note played

Each word written, every statue sculpted

A step onto the path of immortality

The musician lives with every playing of his piece

The poet is reborn in the thoughts of readers

The artist, recreated every time his work is taken in

Graced by its artistic sphere

Living within it

Delineating between the cultivated and uncouth

Aspiring to be one of the elect

One of the closest to the muse

To be touched, sanctified, or manifested

To ascend into its grace

To stare it face to face

To walk with it, to live with it, to breathe it

Life is pain, pain is life, life is art

All aspects commutative

All sustaining the other

Draining but empowering

Tiring but vitalizing

Paradoxes, oxymoron’s

The muse comes fourth

Illusions and metaphors

Give it life

Notes and signatures

Make it dance

Color and lines

Make it luminsecent, transluscent

Pulsing and effervescent

The muse resides within

The painter’s hands

The writer’s thoughts

The musician’s instrument

In us all

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